Membership & Group Exercise

All memberships at Oxygen offer full access to the facility 24/7 PLUS access to all group exercise classes.

We understand that our clients want flexibility in their training times and be able to adapt their workouts to their specific health and well-being goals.

As we grow and mature, our goals change. As do our training requirements.

That is why we include ALL group exercise classes in our convenient and affordable membership prices.

Memberships are offered on a limited number basis only.

This ensures the facility remains private and personal with no crowds or ego’s.

Group Exercise
We have a varied and unique blend of classes available to our Oxygen clientele.

Our Group classes continue our strong belief in personal service, hence our class numbers are limited.

All group exercise classes cater for all fitness levels and desired intensity levels.

Below is a brief description of the classes available:

Relax the mind, body and soul whilst achieving a great full-body workout. A must for those who are hitting middle age, suffer from tight muscles, are recovering from injury, felling stressed or fatigued.

A class that focuses on the core (abdominal) area and assists with strengthening, improving function and increasing mobility. Bad backs this way please!

A 45 minute class completed on stationary bikes choreographed to music.

An action packed class (1 hour) involving boxing type activities making use of boxing gloves and focus pads.

A unique class (1 hour) combining the benefits of the two classes described above. A real sweat session.

Session X
A cross-training cardiovascular based class (1 hour) which constantly changes to ensure we challenge you..

Running/Walking Club
A one hour session held around the Cronulla area catering to all fitness levels and ability.

Catering for 3 – 12 year olds this exciting and fun focused class caters for all fitness levels making use of state of the art junior exercise equipment.  It helps build confidence and co-ordination while getting the kids of today active.

Mum’s Class (Indoor & Outdoor)
Catering to all fitness levels this one hour cross training class is conducted both within the Oxygen facility and around certain locations in Cronulla (availability and location is subject to change).