Life Changing Results

“I hate the posing and vainity that often goes hand in hand with larger franchized gyms.  But after many years, I have finally found the perfect training spot for me to achieve my weight loss goals.  Almost 2 years into my lifestyle change and currently 27 kgs lost, Ive never felt so comfortable in myself and a gym!”

Tahlia Tito, Gymea Bay

“In August 2009 I made a decision to lose weight and improve my overall fitness. Around this time, Oxygen ran a competition to reduce body fat and I decided to take part as additional motivation. The oxygen trainers advised me that I should keep a food diary, eat sensibly monitoring overall calorie intake and grams of carbs and increase my exercise levels. I immediately took control of my eating with the use of their diary & would recommend this to anyone trying to lose weight. 5 months on, I now exercise every day. I have started to run and love it. As for the weight loss, I am 19kgs lighters and I am very proud of this. I would like to thank the team at oxygen for their encouragement, varied training sessions and friendly attitude.”

Cheryl Bellamy, Oyster Bay

“I have always been a member of a gym and thought I was reasonably fit, but was not achieving the results I really wanted with regard to weight loss and fitness – although I played sport and would do some form of aerobic or weight training every day I still couldn’t run a kilometre or see any change in my shape from using the weights.
I have now been training with the staff of Oxygen for over 2 years and with their encouragement and motivation I have lost 10 kgs, can run 10 kms easily and feel 10 years younger. Not only have they helped me achieve fantastic results and a level of fitness I only dreamed of, they have personally inspired me to lead a healthier lifestyle in general.”

Lisa James, Cronulla

“I was encouraged to start seeing a personal trainer by friends who were concerned about my weight, health and lack of fitness. I had tried many diets before and whilst successful at first, the weight eventually returned. It was not until I started to see a trainer that I realised the benefits of combining sensible eating habits with a weights and cardiovascular program.
This has resulted in a great change in my life, both socially and in my work as a teacher. I now have much more energy at school and find myself less moody, more confident and I am able to do many more activities with my friends. My health has improved dramatically with a drop in my blood pressure and a reduction in my cholesterol level and I no longer have to go to the big is beautiful section when I buy clothes.
All of these changes have occurred through the knowledge, support and encouragement of the Oxygen team of trainers, who have helped me lose more than 35 kg in the last two years. Despite the changes I have made to my eating habits I still enjoy dining out and having a few glasses of wine because I now know how to keep things under control. This has certainly been one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

Jan Collins, Carlton

“I have been an active member at Oxygen Lifestyle and Fitness Management’ for the past 4 years.  Over this time I have been faced with many personal health challenges. Ben and the trainers at Oxygen have been a major part in my journey with their support guidence, knowledge and ongoing encouragement.  They have not only worked with me physically, but have developed strong alliances with the many professionals involved in my health plan.  I cant express how grateful I am to the Oxygen team for their significant role in helping me meet my goals and to become a healthier person.”

Danielle Malone, Oyster Bay

“I started at Oxygen, having done very little exercise for the previous 8 years. I really wanted to lose weight and feel good about myself again but did not know where to start. I remember Ben looking me in the eye and saying if you do what I tell you to do, you will lose the weight – he was right! Some hard work and discipline on my part, coupled with a fun, relaxed environment and ongoing encouragement and support from the team at Oxygen, I was motivated and determined to achieve my goals. I achieved so much more than what I originally intended and exercise is now a part of my life I cannot live withoutI would recommend Oxygen to anyone who actually wants to get there.”

Susan Dunlop, Caringbah

“About 16 months ago I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol as well as being overweight.
My weight was 96 Kilos and standing at 58 that is a dangerous health weight range. My doctor actually told me the best advise I have ever been told.

If you dont do anything about your weight you wont be around too long, you are obese for your size and age.
I said You arent encouraging me to want to come back and see you. He said I dont get paid to tell you what you want to hear, I’m challenging you to start looking after yourself and start now.

Well that hit the mark and I started that week.

The trainers at Oxygen Lifestyle and Fitness I owe my health to. I have been training with their staff for over 18mths now.
I actually lost 20 Kilos over twelve months and have been able to maintain that weight loss. They educated me about the need for a balanced diet with exercise plan to achieve realistic and maintainable goals. At the beginning it was extremely hard and the trainers encouraged me through the hard times when I felt like giving up.

The service that Oxygen Lifestyle and Fitness offer you is sensational and one that I would personally recommend.
The service is extremely personal and professional.
My lifestyle now is as busy as ever but I have so much more energy and I am more alert to make those major business decisions. I organise my lifestyle now around my exercise routines. It has become a priority.

The facts are now: No Blood pressure medication and my cholesterol is normal. Overall, now that I have lost the weight, I have been given a clean bill of health.

I must say, thank you Oxygen Lifestyle and Fitness for re-educating me into the need to do regular exercise and eating a well balanced diet.”

John Armytage,  Kirrawee