Initial Consultation


Your Initial Consultation at Oxygen is of great importance and benefit to you, as it is here that we can assess, implement, modify and motivate you to make positive change to your life through an improvement in health and well-being.

Generally, your initial session will consist of the following:

Medical Screening
This aims to educate our staff on your medical past and assist in identifying any potential issues that may arise in the future

Goal Setting
Setting, achieving and resetting short and long term goals is of vital importance in us achieving great results with our clients
Inbody Body Composition Analysis
A cutting edge piece of medical grade technology that accurately determines important markers in our body such as:

•  skeletal muscle mass
•  body fat mass
•  total water content (both inside and outside the cell)
•  mineral content
•  protein content
•  total cell count
•  bone density
•  visceral fat (the fat surrounding your organs)
•  plus much much more

Oxygen is the ONLY gym facility in Sydney to have purchased and therefore have
unlimited access to this cutting-edge piece of equipment.

Your health and wellbeing is that important to us!

A Comprehensive and Individual Training Plan (detailing actual time and specific exercises required to achieve results)
Goals vary for different people. We will ensure that your goals are just that…yours! We do not just roll out the same program to every person that steps in our doors.
As individual goals will vary, so does your training plan and required health and well-being training outlets and protocols.
We truly put the personal back into training and aim to ensure our clients are not treated simply like a number.

Nutritional Education, Analysis and Individually Tailored Dietary Prescription including Access to the Ben Sammut, founder of Living Lean – Australia’s Only Rapid Weight Loss Program
As all training goals and training plans are different, so is nutrition.
Our philosophy does not change, we offer a number of proven health, well-being and weight loss nutritional programs to suit your needs, goals and commitment level.

An introduction to training the ‘Oxygen’ way
We are very proud of our unique health, well-being and training practices.
Here you will see first-hand how we go about meeting your objectives and goals in our fun, friendly and professional environment.
Once your initial consultation is complete you will enter into the first of your eight week cycles. Throughout these cycles you will have your internal and external health and well-being checked and monitored. Resistance and/or cardiovascular programs will be applied and tracked and depending on your individual goals, adjusted to your needs.
At the completion of the eight week cycle we will re-test and re-assess your internal and external body health markers, goals, training outlets and nutritional requirements.
This allows us to closely monitor your individual situation and focus on achieving fantastic results.