The 10 Top Tips To Keeping Your Fitness Resolutions

Woman exercising on treadmill in gym
Don’t let Christmas get the better of you

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and the time spent with family and friends.

However all good things must come to an end and February marks the official end to the festive season.

It is now time to put into practice the grand ideas of the past few weeks and set about achieving those New Year’s resolutions.

The following tips will help to keep you motivated to ensure 2015 is the year you make it happen.

  • Consistency


Maintaining consistency when exercising is vital. We all start a new fitness program enthusiastic and motivated but often lose impetus and burn out a few weeks in. Exercise should become a part of your lifestyle and be just as important as any other appointment you keep. Don’t overdo it at the start and do not give yourself an excuse to skip a session. Place your exercise session in your diary and do everything you can to ensure it happens. If you do not feel like training on a particular day make the effort to still go to the gym but exercise at a lower intensity than you normally would. Trust me you will feel better for doing it. Make a year-long commitment to your training and attempt exercises you know you will enjoy and complete.

  • Set Achievable Goals.


Setting achievable and realistic goals will ensure you stay committed to your exercise program. Consistency of exercise rarely occurs without setting goals. Realistic and achievable goals act as your road map and will provide direction within your training. Your goal should be challenging yet achievable, only through dedication and hard work. Think long and hard about your goals as they can derail your fitness resolutions very quickly.

  • Be PatientAs the old saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You must respect that it will take some time to get your body and/or fitness back. Don’t get frustrated with this. Whatever your goal, understand that it takes time and dedication to make any real change. Be patient and ensure that you take something positive out of each week. Little changes applied consistently lead to big results. Your goals should be set with this in mind. Also ensure you do not let a little slip up de-rail your whole fitness regime.


  • Find a training partner


A training partner will help keep you accountable to your goals and your fitness resolutions. Finding a training partner around this time of year should be quite simple as many have probably over- indulged and need some extra work. Spread the word that you are looking for a partner and find someone you like and respect. Ensure you both share a common goal and enjoy each other’s preferred training techniques. If you tell your partner that you are going cycling at 5:30am, are you going to sleep through the alarm? Hell no. Accountability is everything. Spread the word, you will be surprised who you find and what you can both achieve.

  • Extend you limits


If your training program rarely or never changes, the body will grow accustomed to the exercise techniques being used. Alternatively, by continually changing your program the body is forced to constantly adapt leading to a never-ending change. Always attempt to extend your training limits to continue to ‘shock’ the body and ensure continued gains. This can be done via time, distance, intensity or exercise technique used. Change is good. Do this and watch your results soar.

  • Variation


Variation will help to alleviate boredom. Boredom is the biggest killer when it comes to not realising fitness resolutions. Continually change your training disciplines but ensure you keep them enjoyable and fun. The more variation you have the more eager you will be to turn up tomorrow. Remember that you are only guided by your imagination as to the unbelievable training possibilities.

  • Be Organised


Today’s busy lifestyles require us to spend more time at work and less time doing what we enjoy and like. Ensuring that you are organised with training times, training partners and diet preparation will guarantee your time is productive and beneficial . Your training becomes like clockwork when you have designated time for it. Attempt to schedule your exercise at times with little or no impact on work or family time. Get yourself organised and you will see that there really are enough hours in the day.

  • Make it Fun


Your training must be fun for you to continue doing it. Choose exercises and training disciplines you like. Completing exercises you loath is a sure way to fitness resolution failure. Have a laugh and enjoy it.

  • Reward Yourself


If you have had a great week, then reward yourself with something special. Of course it is not wise to negate the gains you have worked so hard to achieve, but let your hair down and give yourself a pat on the back (in a sensible way). Whether it is food or alcohol related, an outing with the family or a facial or massage, ensure you reward yourself for a great effort. This will aid in you maintaining discipline and real lifestyle changes not quick fixes.

  • Do Not Crash Diet


Crash diets are sure to fail and do not work. Eat healthy, sensible whole foods. Long term results are reliant on this becoming a lifestyle. The process of change takes time, dedication and will power. Crash diets are not the answer. We all lose interest sooner or later and often balloon back to where we started. Many times way beyond your original start point.

There you have it. Make this year YOUR year and not just another wasted opportunity. Follow these tips, stay positive and give yourself the tools to ‘be your best’!